Most people want to be the sun that brightens up your life.

I would rather be the moon that shines down in your darkest hour.

23 March 1981
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Hi, I'm Heidi.
-too smart for my own good
-sometimes clueless
-almost always clumsy
-a classically trained vocalist
-really, really quirky
-in love with someone that i haven't met yet
-am a firm believer in fate and everything happening for a reason
-a music lover. i mean i really, really love music. is in my heart.
-always thinking too much which means i am almost always anxious
-going to be a crazy old cat lady one day
-extremely close to my family and friends and will do anything for them
-really emotional and cry for no reason at all sometimes
-complicated, i always have been
-accomplished in a traditional sense of the word
-in Mensa
-someone that gives all of myself to the people i love
-really hard to really get to know, i push people to make sure they really want to be in my life
-a dreamer
-always going to follow what my heart tells me to do
-ready for my life to really begin
-a photographer
-ready to find all the people that are going to inspire me in life
-too complicated to try to summarize all the facets of myself in a bio.

Talk to me, add me, friend me. I love meeting new people.